Sunday, September 17, 2017

Glitter nails

I like to were bright colors on my nails even if it is winter or fall, I usually put them on depending on my mood. This is why today, on a beautiful fall day I am going to show you a bright colored polish with a glitter topper. 

I received a glitter topper for review from the Born Pretty Store and first I thought I will add it on a darker shade, but I tried it on several nail polishes, on my nail wheels, and I liked it the most on an orange/coral shade by Cupio - Spanish Grapefruit.

The BPS glitter topper comes in a 5 ml bottle, the formula of it is quite thick, it's hard to apply. First I thought I will add it just on the tips of my nails, but because of the thick clear base I couldn't do it because it got bumpy, so this is why I choose to paint it on the whole nail surface. The polish contains 2 different types of glitters: micro glitters and bigger shaped glitters, that have a color shift from pink to gold in bright light conditions. Although on my nails it seams that the polish it is full with glitters, I have to tell you that it is not. I have applied two coats and plus a bit of dabs here and there to cover the whole nail surface. 

Even though the application took a while I wore this manicure for two weeks because I liked it how it looked in the sun. If you like it, you can find it HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code for any of your purchase on the Born Pretty Store site.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Born Pretty Store flakies soak-off gel polish

I continue to review the soak-off nail polishes I received from the Born Pretty Store. This time I have a topper to show you loaded with flakies. I used it on black but this one works on several dark polishes. 

The collection has 8 soak-off nail polishes to choose from and all of them are packed with chameleon flakies in a cute white 10 ml bottle. I tried #2 which I added on a black base, because the recommendation of the manufacturer asked it. The topper is a clear base, a thicker formula and it is full with flakies which shift from blue to pink. I added just one coat on black but if you like to have a full coverage of flakies, than you can add a layer more. As you can see in the images I used the unicorn pigment too and I added on it a geometrical stamped pattern. 

If you like flakies nail polish toppers than this product is definitely for you and luckily at the Born Pretty Store site you can choose the one you prefer the most. Just check them out HERE! The polishes are on 50% off now, so don't miss them and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code too!

As you may have noticed these are not my nails, but I made the design for my nice, so thanks Timi for being my hand and nail model :)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Chrome mermaid pigment

Lately I am fascinated with pigments that can be used on UV gel nail polishes. Their effect is so different and eye catching on several colored nail polishes. The Born Pretty Store site was kind enough to make me a surprise and added in my last package that was sent to me, a chrome mermaid pigment

The product comes in a small box, very good sealed. I received about 0.2 g, but you can choose more amount if you like. In my manicure the pigment is used on a white soak-off nail polish and I used a silicone head nail art tool to rub it in on the sticky surface. You should insist with the application on the free sides of the nails and on the tips too, to have a long lasting manicure. This pigment is extremely fine and can be used for mermaid, unicorn nail art which is so trendy now days, because it has that specific color shift from pink to green/blue when it is applied on white. 

I tried it on black too and achieved a chopper green/pink color shift. I find it lovely and so pretty on both cases! 

I am not such a big fan of unicorn designs so I made a simple, casual looking nail art using this pigment on two of my nails and I combined it with a light green soak-off gel polish from my stash. I added on my ring fingernail a stamped pattern with white to complete my manicure.

I think the pigment is one of the most beautiful ones I own and clearly I will need more after using the amount I received. If you like the effect of the pigment you can find it HERE and you're welcome to use my bellow seen discount code if you buy anything from the Born Pretty Store site. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Holographic soak-off gel polish review

If you are following my IG account @funandi you may have seen that I received a fantastic package from the Born Pretty Store site, with 5 soak-off gel polishes and a pigment. I already can tell you that one is more beautiful than the other. You already know that I like very much holographic effect on the nails so, my first pick was the green/blue Holographic UV Soak Off Gel Polish

This collection has 12 different colors on the site, each is numbered and has no name. I swatched #9 which is a color shifting shimmer nail polish, depends on which side you're looking at, you can see green and blue shades and micro-glitter particles. It covers in two coats and after using the top coat you will get a smooth, nice finish. 

The product comes in a 10 ml round bottle with a round brush. The consistency/formula of the polish is optimal and it applies easily on the nails. The description on the site does not mention the curing time of the nail polish, but it mentions the curing time of the base coat - UV 36 Watts/LED 9 Watts or higher, UV lamp for 2-3 minutes or LED lamp for 60 seconds. I have a UV lamp and I cured my nails 2 minutes, they dried completely and lasted very good, one and a half week long when I wanted to try new polishes and took them off. 

I had to make a nail art and when I first saw this nail polish I already knew that I will make a galaxy mani. I used acrylic paint to achieve the galaxy effect and after it dried competently I applied two coats of clear top coat to seal the image. I didn't made from such a long time galaxy nail art, this is why I enjoyed wearing it a lot and I received many compliments, mostly because the nail polish simply glowed and sparkled in the sun and caught peoples attention :)

All in all I recommend this nail polish, because it's beautiful and easy to use. Now it is on sale and you can find it HERE and other colors too. If you buy anything from the Born Pretty Store site, you can use my bellow seen discount code. 

How do you like this soak-off gel nail polish? Have you tried other colors than #9? Could you recommend me other ones? 

Friday, August 18, 2017

BeautyBigBang dreamcatcher water-decals

Waterdecals are good alternatives for quickly done colorful manicures. I browsed the BeautyBigBang site and saw the beautiful and colorful dreamcatcher decals and I new I have to try them. The site was kind enough to send me the sheet STZ-438 for review.  

As you can see it in the pictures one sheet contains 24 pieces of different sized, colorful dreamcatcher images. You have to cut them out and place it for a few seconds in water and after it add it to your polished nails. 

I like very much the result of my manicure, it has a touch of boho style that I love and I really enjoyed to were this mani! The product can be find HERE and if you buy anything from the BeautyBigBang site, you're welcome to use my below seen discount code. Have a nice weekend!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Chameleon flakes review

Before my holiday I was thinking to go with naked nails to my trip, but they have grown so beautiful and I was afraid that I will break them if they are not protected. So, it was time to try a new product that I have received from the Born Pretty Store, I am talking about the magical chameleon flakes

I feel in love with it's beautiful color shift when I saw it on other girls nails and I can tell you this product did not disappointed me either. I used it on a regular black nail polish and I thought to not cover the whole surface of the nail, to get that foil like effect. The flakes are so thin that you can not feel it on the nails after you use a good layer of top coat. It comes in a small box, approximately 0.15 g that will last for several manicures and you will receive a make-up sponge to, for an easy application. This product can be used on UV nails too.  

I stamped on two of my nails a pattern from the plate BP-L050 with a pink shade but after it I think a gold one would have looked much better. When I set in the sun on my trip I couldn't take my eyes of my nails, they simply glowed thanks for these flakes. 

If you want to try this amazing product you can find it HERE and check out the new fantastic layout of the Born Pretty Store site. If you buy anything you're welcome to use my below seen discount code. Have a nice Friday and weekend! 

If you would like to see pictures from my trip, follow my IG account: manasesandrea_photo


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